ERP Implementation

Focusing on the operational bottlenecks to enhance the entire business from the operational scope all the way to the core of the business, we provide 100% successful implementations, trainings, and support in most industries!

User Support

Through our philosophy and way of thinking, it is always important for us to remain connected and supportive of our clients. We run support services around the clock, which allows us to  help our clients utilize the utmost potential of the software while running their business.


Certified functional team and consultants that specialize in study your business operations and needs and then turning them into actions onto your ERP. While every business is different with specific needs and scope, it is important that we understand that and showcase it into personalizing our ERP for different clients. 

Run Your Business With Odoo Integrated Apps

Choose the app that you need based on your industry, size and budget. All of our apps are seamlessly integrated in one consolidated dashboard. No need for integration, no need for that unnecessary extra work!

Run your business from anywhere and anytime via any device, even through your mobile on the Odoo app. With real-time data and constant updates wherever you go. 

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Get more out of the Annual Maintenance Contract

We encourage Odoo users to utilize their software and make use of its highest potential. While doing so, we ensure that our AMCs are not designed to deal with issues or glitches, but for time spent on optimization and other ways in which we train and support our clients on how to properly use Odoo.

This means tracking transactions, monitor data, manage operations and employees through Odoo; to name a few.

We have one goal in mind, the user satisfaction.

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Localization Apps

WPS Generator

Salary calculations are an embedded feature within the system. Generate WPS files for your employees automatically with no manual input needed. 

Accounting Localization

International standard Accounting app with localization as per Qatar's business market and best Accounting practices. Allowing employees to work more productively. 

Checks Printing

Easy and simple to use app whether you are at the office or at home. You can use this newly added feature to print checks straight from the system. 

HRMS Localization

Ability to track, manage and operate your entire HR system under one app that is customized to abide by Qatari laws and regulations. 

Cryptocurrency Payments

Having multiple payment solutions is necessary in todays tech-centric world. This payment solution is approved and safe. 

Field Marketing

Give your employees the ability to be more mobile and effective on the go. Track, manage and monitor field activities from one app wherever you are. 

Are you looking to customize your ERP?

Our professional team can help you to identify your needs and customize it as per the best practices and Odoo guidelines