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Odoo integration the solution moves ahead with your Odoo platform as well as the unique tools that support your business operations. However, Odoo ERP Integration should be done with the right expertise Nextmove Technologies is your trustful expert Odoo Silver partner with 10+ years of service. Today Nextmove leads the top of the charts among Odoo partners offering impeccable solutions and Odoo services.

Why the need for Odoo ERP integration?

Odoo the completely open-source business management solution operating as the single solution for all your business functions will transform the aspects of the company from good to better. Odoo supports the complete transformation of business in operations of all parts of your business from product procurement to sales, recruitment to payroll management, manufacturing to repairs, Inventory management to logistic operation, and Invoicing to accounting management Odoo acts like the one-in-all solution for your business.

Integrating your Odoo platform with distinctive Odoo modules or Odoo apps and with other third-party applications is vital as it :

 Supports the use of day-to-day applications

 Easiness in business operation

 Complete control of your business

 Various dignified tools supporting your business

 Widespread reachability and larger customer basis

What do we mean by Odoo API Integration?

Odoo integration will help you to implement Odoo in your company operations supporting you to run your business in the way it's meant to be. As Odoo is an open-source ERP you will be able to bring in custom modules of operations that will support your business. With Odoo you can add as well as remove any modules as the business changes this will be helpful for an organization to have a distinctive platform that can be changed based on the business needs and preferences


Odoo Integration Solutions by Nextmove

We believe that running Odoo along with other applications tools of operations will pave the way for effective management and control over the business. Therefore we offer ultimate integration solutions with various prominent solutions such as Payment Gateways, Social media platforms, eCommerce platforms, Text message service providers, Docparser, advanced biometric devices, Shipping integrators, and Payments Aquirerscatering for the needs of the business operations in a company.

Payments gateways 

We are capable of providing you with Odoo Integration with various prominent Payment gateways that are used in your regions. This will be helpful for you to reach out to a wide range of customers thereby improving your customer base. Nextmove Technologies is capable of integrating Odoo with the payment gateway with the currency of your operations.

Odoo ERP supports the Integration with multiple applications with the help of a defined Odoo API which will be integrated with the API of the application for the running of your business. These applications can not only be Odoo Apps but also 3rd party solutions that will support the operations of your business.


  An American multinational Financial technology company offering payment terminologies for operations used worldwide for both personal as well as business operations.   

Sage Pay

Sage Pay is the prominent secure online payment service provider in Europe and with its Odoo integration, you will be able to accept payments online as well as from card machines.  


Odoo Integration with MultiSafepay will give webshop owners a platform to easily and securely collect payment for the sales made online.

Social Media 

Connect with a larger customer base with the Odoo Integration with your organization's social media accounts. This integration will help you to turn the followers of your business on social media into valuable clients. Moreover, this Integration will serve you with the Social media marketing tool which costs low and has a wider customer reach irrespective of the physical barrier. With the Odoo integration with your social media accounts, you can craft and optimize marketing campaigns and promotional events to attract more customers to your business all from the same Odoo platform that you hold.


Odoo Facebook Integration served as the marketing and promotional tool for your company allowing you to post advertisements and promotions on your company's Facebook page directly from Odoo.


Odoo WhatsApp integration will let you send out notification messages to your client's phones about the various aspects of the business. It can be used among employee management operations as well.


Odoo Instagram Integration will help you with the promotion of your business with Instagram-worthy pictures of your products and services helping you to your business first in the competition.


With Odoo Linked In integration, you will be able to connect with all the job seekers helping you choose the best form of the talents available based on your need. Further, the LinkedIn integration will also help with the marketing and promotional operations of the company.


Tweet your marketing aspects straight away from your Odoo platform with the Odoo Twitter Integration helping you to stay ahead in the trends of the business.


Telegram has always been a business tool used by companies to reach their customers with Odoo Integration with Telegram.


Odoo Office 365 Connector 

Odoo is an Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) system that includes CRM, Inventory, Warehouse, etc. Microsoft is well well-known software company that develops computer Operating Systems and other related services. One of its best products is Microsoft Office365. Odoo integration with Microsoft Office365 makes it easy to sync the data in Apps i.e. Contacts, Outlook, Calendar Events, OneDrive, and Tasks both ways with customized Cronjobs Settings options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Nextmove for Odoo integration?

Nextmove is an Odoo official partner and provides extensive services in customization and integration. Expertise in Payment Gateway Integrations, Social Media Integrations, SMS Gateway Integrations, Docparser Integrations, and Biometric Device Integrations.

What types of integrations does Nextmove provide?

Nextmove provides Payment Gateway Integrations, Social Media Integrations, SMS Gateway Integrations, Docparser Integrations, and Biometric Device Integrations.

Does Nextmove provide payment gateway integration?

Yes. Nextmove provides the service of payment gateway integration in Odoo. We provide payment gateway integration services in CIMB, PayPal, Payment SagePay, and We Pay.

What are the benefits of integrating E-commerce with an Odoo ERP?

Integrating E-commerce in Odoo ERP provides you with real-time data, allowing customers to view and access information on available inventory, latest order status, and tracking shipments using lot/serial numbers. Integrating E-commerce in Odoo reduces operational costs and improves customer experience.

What benefits of social media integrations in Odoo?

Social Media Integration in Odoo allows the sharing of documents, files, and media with people across the globe. It makes it easier to contact partners via Skype, email, and other instant messaging. Odoo integration with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networks simply boosts business and triggers better results.

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